Are you looking for a talented dressage horse? And could you do with some help selecting the right horse?

Thanks to our many years of experience in the sport, we know exactly what a future top dressage horse needs to have and we have helped many people finding their sport horse.

Do you recognize the following questions?

  • Where do I find a suitable dressage horse that suits my criteria?
  • How do I know that I’m buying the right horse?
  • How do I determine the right price for a horse?
  • How do I know if he is sound and healthy?

Our collection

Van den Heuvel Dressage is synonym to quality and reliability. We are specialized in selling high quality young dressage horses and value great importance in the healthy development and welfare of the horses. Our horses get the utmost opportunities, both at our facility as well as at shows, to develop the skills for the higher dressage levels under the best guidance.

We continuously have ten to fourteen high-class young and ridden dressage horses in our stables. They are usually between three to seven years old and to get the right education, they are with us for a longer period of time.

Meeting your requirements

The search for a suitable dressage horse for the higher levels in sport starts with identifying your wishes and preferences. This can be, for example, the age, pedigree, performances in the sport, gender and possibility to use for breeding. After this, the selection process begins. By sending you photos and videos, we can already give you a first impression of the horses that we think will be suitable for you.

We always strive for the perfect match between you and your future horse. If we do not have the right horse in our stables, we will continue your search within our international network.


Roy van den Heuvel
Owner – Rider
+31(0)6 46281885

How do we work?

VFrom the first moment of contact, we actively support you in your search for your perfect dressage horse. To make sure your investment is fully worth it, we will go through the following steps:

Exploratory first meeting

Before starting the search, we will go through your wishes and preferences in terms of character, conformation and your goals in the sport.


When we own a horse that we think will suit you, we will introduce the horse to you by sending you photos and video footage. In addition, we will send you a detailed description of the horse.

Test ride

If you are interested in the horse we suggested, we cordially invite you to try out the horse at our stables in Berlicum, the Netherlands. If, after the first appointment, we believe that another horse within our network would suit you better, we will present it to you as well.

Veterinary inspection

All our horses are vetted before they arrive at our stables. Naturally, we have a clinical examination carried out by an accredited certified equestrian veterinarian. An x-ray examination is also one of the options.

Trial period

If you would like to experience how the horse behaves under the saddle for a longer amount of time, you can come and ride several times at our accommodation. This way you can get used to the horse and become a combination and if desired, we can guide you in this process.


When both you and we are convinced that we’ve found the right match, we will go through the passport and studbook papers with you.


If you wish, we will arrange transport for your horse to your location


We wish you the best of luck and let the enjoyment begin!

Dorothee Schneider

“My owners Gabriele Kippert and Eva Marian Mann bought the mare Karlijn (s.Governor) at Roy’s. I am privileged that I can continue the dressage education of this lovely mare. She is a fantastic horse to work with.”

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