Would you like to have your dressage horse being trained to a higher level? Or do you want to achieve great successes in sports together with your horse?

We are specialized in training dressage horses and have trained dozens of horses, up to Grand Prix level. Do you have one of the following questions?

  • I lack the experience to ride my horse to a higher level. How should I proceed?
  • The current rider of my horse is not the right match. What can I do about that?
  • I own a dressage horse, but I don’t want to ride it myself. Who could do this for me?
  • My horse finds it hard to learn the more difficult exercises. I wonder who could help me?
  • How much potential does my horse have? I would like to give my horse the opportunity to develop under a professional.


There is no lack of experience in the Van den Heuvel Dressage team! Over the years, owner Roy has trained several horses up to Grand Prix and his partner Bianca Koenen has competed horses up to Small Tour level. The welfare of your horse is always the number one priority at Van den Heuvel Dressage.

We think it is important to give horses the time they need in their education. We focus on the basics: straightness, tempo, the connection on a light rein. From this base we work further towards the more difficult exercises.

Every horse is different and requires a personal approach. During the first training sessions, we can quickly estimate how the process will go. As the owner, you will receive regular updates and videos on the progress.

Stable management

Professional stable management and the welfare of the horses are of the utmost importance to us. In addition to the employees of Van den Heuvel Dressage, we have gathered a strong team of skilled farriers, veterinarians and feed experts over the years to ensure that nothing is lacking. We know better than anyone that putting your horse in training and let someone else take care of your precious horse can be a major step. Feel free to come and meet us and experience for yourself whether it feels good.

Make an appointment

Would you like to get acquainted? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to show you our facilities and tell you more about our vision on dressage horse training over a cup of coffee.


Roy van den Heuvel
Owner – Rider
+31(0)6 46281885

Verkuijlen Family

“We were looking for the right person to train one of our horses in some of the more difficult exercises. Roy has a keen eye for sales and we are grateful for our pleasant cooperation.”

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