About us

Van den Heuvel Dressage focuses on selling and producing dressage horses of the highest quality and dressage instruction for the motivated rider.

Small team

Owner Roy van den Heuvel and partner Bianca Koenen train all horses themselves. This allows them to build a trusting relationship with both their own horses and those of the customers.

Large network

Because Roy and Bianca have been active in the equestrian sector for years, they have a large international network. This way they manage to buy the right horses and train them for the higher levels.

An eye for talent

Owner Roy has developed a keen eye for future talent over the years. This is evident from the fact that he has produced various horses that are or have been competing at Grand Prix.

Good after sales-service

At Van den Heuvel Dressage you can try out a horse several times. Roy and Bianca can guide you when riding it. Because they know their horses very well, they can also assist you in your training after the sale.

Roy van den Heuvel


Van den Heuvel Dressage was founded by Roy in 2008. He runs the dressage and trading stables together with his partner Bianca and two employees.

From an early age Roy has been involved in equestrian sports and he studied ‘Equine Husbandry’ in Oss. After working for several years as a stable rider at the renowned De Dalhoeve Stud, he left for Germany where he stayed for three years. When returning to Holland, Roy founded Van den Heuvel Dressage and rented boxes from De Vierwinden in Oss to stable the horses he trained. The company is now located in Berlicum and they have an average of between fifteen to twenty horses for sale.

While trade is key, Roy is passionate about training the horses. Also, he’s very good at scouting future talent and he has sold several horses to top riders such as Dorothee Schneider.

Bianca Koenen


We can safely say that Bianca is a rider with perseverance. For years she has trained her horses in all kinds of weather. And with success, because she can call herself a professional Small Tour rider.

The horse virus has been in Bianca’s family for generations. After her commercial education, cupid struck between her and Roy in 2014. With her passion for dressage, she didn’t hesitate for a second and decided to work full-time as a dressage rider at Van den Heuvel Dressage.

Roy and Bianca form a very strong team in training the young dressage horses. Where Roy mainly focuses on the more difficult exercises, Bianca’s specialty is to confirm the basics. She pays a lot of attention to this from the start until the sale.

Lisa Verstegen


Lisa has been around horses since early childhood, that is why she completed her schooling in equine science. In 2015 she started working as a stable employee and groom at Van den Heuvel Dressage. At Van den Heuvel Dressage she contributes to the care of the horses and the various activities in and around the stable.

Anouk Starrenburg


Anouk has been working at Van den Heuvel Dressage since 2015 as a stable worker and groom. She was previously working in an office, and then decided to make the transition from hobby to work. At Van den Heuvel Dressage she offers a supporting role concerning the horses and the various activities in and around the stable.

Frequently asked questions

The search for a suitable dressage horse that suits your preferences can take a lot of time. We can imagine that you have certain questions during this process. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions and our answers.

Although we are a trading stable, we feel that we are in between a private seller and a horse dealer. This is because we often train the horses for a longer period of time before they go on sale. Usually private sellers have one or two horses in their stables that you can choose from, we always have more than ten.

All our horses are vetted before they arrive at our location. Naturally, we have a clinical examination carried out by an accredited certified equestrian vet. An x-ray examination is also one of the options.

If you would like to experience how the horse behaves under the saddle for a longer period of time, you can come and ride several times at our location. This way you can get used to the horse and we can guide you in this if desired.

Make an appointment

Would you like to get acquainted? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to show you our facilities and tell you more about our vision on dressage horse training over a cup of coffee.


Roy van den Heuvel
Owner – Rider
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